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Trauma Therapy

Therapy in Saint John, NB and online across NB and NS

Are you constantly thinking about or reliving traumatic experience(s) from your past?

Feeling like you can never be fully present in your everyday life can be draining. Nightmares, flashbacks, relationship difficulties, anxiety and feeling overwhelmed can all result from going through a traumatic experience. Many life experiences can be traumatic: accidents, childhood abuse or neglect, experiences of domestic violence, homophobic and racist experiences, illness and grief.


The impact that trauma leaves on us can be devastating. You may struggle to trust others and yourself. Maybe you can’t sleep or you may be carrying feelings of shame or guilt. Trauma can leave you feeling disconnected from yourself and everyone else around you. You may feel alone and like nobody truly understands what you’re going through because no one experienced what you had to experience.


If you’re here it means that you’ve probably tried to get through this by yourself and realize that you need additional support.

You don't have to process and cope with trauma alone

Together we will build a therapeutic relationship and use that bond to explore and understand your trauma and how it has impacted your life this far. Trauma can live in the body and the mind, in our memories and shape our behaviours and how we look at our life experiences.

We will try to:

Identify your triggers and help you get to know yourself better by increasing your sense of curiosity and reducing the judgement you may have towards yourself


Build on your strengths and increase your ability to cope with emotions so that you can handle situations that would feel overwhelming in the past


Empower you to feel more in control and feel like you can transfer the skills that we’ve been working on in therapy to your daily life to build the type of life that you want to live


I will meet you where you are

Working through trauma can feel like a rollercoaster and I will approach every session with empathy and hold space for whatever emotion or need that you have. Whether it’s through tears, talks, or laughs we will work through anything that comes up together and will take it one step at a time.

"Trauma is a fact of life. It does not have to be a life sentence."
– Dr Peter Levine


What is trauma?

How many sessions will I need?

How much do sessions cost?

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